Worshipping God is practiced by every civilization of the world.

It is reflected in different forms in different religions all overthe

world. It is intricate in every culture. Worship of idols was prevalent

in every civilization. Worshipping God is both outward and inward.

     Common people do not have ability to invoke (realize) God every

where though the Supreme is omnipresent. They cannot be equated

with Saints and Sages who can realize Him from anywhere. It was well demonstrated by Prakalatha, a staunch devotee of Lord Vishnu.

Therefore, idol worship is prevalent from time immemorial.  The

Tamilnadu is the land of Art and Architecture. Each and every village

is dotted atleast with one temple observing Agamas and Silpasashtras.

Temples are not only the Abode of God in different forms but also

Places of Workship and centre for developing different forms of

performing arts and propagating religious values among people.

In addition the temples are the symbols of victory over enemies by

the Rulers and Kings. These temples became more popular when they

were visited, worshipped and sang in praise of the Lord deity of the

temple by Saints and Sages. The people treated the temples as the

priceless possession of the community.

     The Tamil Nadu was prominent with culture, art, architecture,

literature, polity and prosperity under the rule of Cholas, Pandyas,

and Cheras. The Cholas ruled the central part of the state having Head

Quarters at Thanjavur. The Cholas influence spread all over Tamil

Nadu and transcended to Srilanka, Burma, Indonesia and other eastern

parts of India to proclaim their Victories and ability to vanquish their

enemies. They built great temples and erected stone inscriptions as a

means of communication carrying present to future. 

     One such temple was established and standing as a symbol pride in

¬†MunnurÔŅĹ. The main deity is Shree Advalleeswarar along with his

consort Sree Prahannayagi. The  MUNNUR  is also referred to as  THARUGAVANAM , the area surrounded by thick bushes and trees from

the Vedic period. It is also called by Rishis and Yogis as  MUNNUTRU

MANGALAM . The place is also mentioned as  RAJA NARAYNA SADHUR

VEDI MANGALAM  because it was donated to the Brahmins in

appreciation of their scholarship in four Vedas. The names MINNAM


AND THRI-SADAPAURAM are also found mention in stone inscriptions.

The stone inscriptions not only reveal above information but also about donations received from various Kings of different periods right from

Cheras, Cholas, Pandyas, Chalukyas, Pallavas to small territorial Rulers

like Nalliyakodan,Samburvaryars, Adhiyaman, Kangeya Rayan and

Bangala Rayan.

       In Munnur, there is one Vishnu Temple within 200 mtrs from Sree Advalleeswarar Temple. The deity along with his divine consort is

worshipped as Sree Arulala Perumal   Sree Perundhevi Thayar by the


This temple was in dilapidated condition and the renovation of this

temple was taken out by one Registered Body called  MUNNUR SREE

ARULALA PERUMAL SEVA TRUST . For renovation the soil was

excavated for reconstruction of Shrine for Sree Perundhevi Thyar,

one divine and beautifully sculptured Sree Yoga Narasimha statue

was found underneath. It appeared like He emerged from bottom of

the Earth to save people and to shower his (Arul) blessings to His staunch devotees.

    In the world of crushing and pressing day today tasks everyone needs

happiness and sense of fulfillment. One has to pray Him for success in

pursuit of Health, Education, Entitlement and Happiness. It is needless

to emphasis that is the spiritual duty of every person to contribute as

much as possible as much as possible to reconstruct the Holy Shrine

for Sree Arulala Perumal-Sree Perundevi Thayar.

It is estimated that not less than Rs.90 Lakhs is required for renovation

of Shrine for Perumal-Thayar and Sree Anjaneyar, Sree Andal, Sree

Sakkarathalvar and Yoga Narasimhar. Some Philanthropists from India,

Sri Lanka and U.S.A. and other parts of the world have extended their help financially

in the Holy Task and the renovation work is progressing satisfactorily.

However people who are dear to Lord Arulala Perumal and wish to

invoke His copious blessings for them and their family are earnestly

requested to contribute liberally for completion of Holy shrine either

financially or in kind.

The persons who contribute for their Holy Purpose will join the list of

patrons like Kings Sri Krishnadevaraya, Nandhivarma Pallava and

Orissa Chieftain of Sri Kumara Mahapatra who contributed lands

and facilitated construction of Holy Shrines for God  and Goddess few

centuries ago.

Those who wish to worship and get the blessings of God and Goddess in

Munnur can reach by the road through Tindivanam-Marakkanam High

Ways Road turning South at Alanguppam situated at 19 km from

Tindivanam. From Alanguppam the temple is just within 3kms.

Those who feel happy in involving themselves in the Holy Task

of reconstructing the Abode for Sree Arulala Perumal  Sree Perundevi

Thayar by liberal donation of funds can send either by Money order or

through cheque/Demand Drafts to the following Trust which will be duly acknowledged by proper Receipts.


 New No.7, Kumaran nagar, Kumaran St., 


 Tel No:044-22470545 Cell  : +91 9884554053



Nearest Railway station: Tindivanam (22 km from Temple)

Nearest State Bus Stand: Tindivanam

Local Direct Town Bus Timings from Tindivanam to Munnur:

Town Bus number :  1  9.00 a.m and 2.00 p.m Starts at Tindivanam

Town Bus number :22 7 a.m , 10.30 a.m , 4.15p.m , 6.15p.m and 9.30 p.m

Bus starts at Tindivanam

Alternatively devotees may take Private and Govt. Buses running from

Tindivanam to Marakkanam state high way road and get down at Allankuppam

Village (19 km from Tindivanam) then catch local  share Auto to reach temple.




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